Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

There are several legal requirements that will need to be completed before your wedding in Greece. This can sometimes be a complicated and stressful procedure which is why we have put the following together for your information. Also remember that we are here throughout the process and if you wish for us to deal with the entire process this can be arranged with your Wedding Coordinator within the U.K.

The documents you will need to carry out and certify your wedding in Greece along with its recognition within the U.K. include the following:

  • Full birth certificates
  • Valid 10 year Passport
  • Certificate of Non Impediment (freedom to marry) for both parties. These can be obtained from your local registry office. NOTE: do not obtain these before 3 months of the wedding date as they would not be recognised by Greek authorities. NOTE: these must record the ‘district’ where your wedding will take place, not the resort of the accommodation.
  • Any name changes documents
  • Decree absolutes. Where a divorce is involved, the final certificate that dissolves a marriage
  • If you have been recently divorced then a divorce certificate is also required.
  • Death Certificate, in the instance if either party has been widowed
  • Statutory Declaration of Consent, if either party in under the age of 18, this must also be signed and stamped by a solicitor.

These documents must be obtained and then sent to the Foreign Office to be legalised. This can take approximately 10 days and incurs charges per document.

The then legalised documents must be sent to one of the two independent translators approved by the Greek Embassy. This takes approximately 10-14 days incurs a translation and stamping costs.

These documents must then be sent to your wedding coordinator either in the U.K. or Greece 4 weeks prior to your departure.

Again please note that our role is to make the whole process an enjoyable memorable occasion and we can be as involved with this aspect as you like. If you feel comfortable completing all legal requirements, would like a helping hand or for all aspects to be completed by our team, the choice is yours.