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Carl and Lesley Thomas - Bride and Groom

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Mamma Mia Weddings, Pelion, Greece

01 August 2012, 15:19


My wife and I were recently married in Agios Ioannis, Pelion,Greece. We used the services of Mamma Mia Weddings (http://www.mammamia-weddings.co.uk), and I have to say – THEY WERE PHENOMENAL!!! Apparently, if you say you want to shout some news from the rooftops, you mean that you want to tell everyone about it because you are so excited. Well, this is me shouting about my experiences from the highest rooftop!!!

My wife and I decided early on that we wanted to be married abroad. We scoured the Internet looking for ideas and wedding planning services abroad, and to be honest, they all seemed pretty much the same and lacked the individual, personal touch. Don’t get me wrong, they all looked nice, but we didn’t want nice – we wanted WOW!!! In January 2011, we came across the Mamma Mia Weddings website (http://www.mammamia-weddings.co.uk). After exchanging a couple of emails with the wedding planner, and checking out photos both on the website and on Google Earth, we decided to use this company to plan our wedding.


The service we received from Mamma Mia weddings and our wedding planner was nothing short of perfect, and I cannot commend the company highly enough. Tom (our wedding planner) was fantastic throughout the whole process. He developed a personalised wedding package which was tailored specifically to our needs. He understood our requirements, making sure that every little detail was planned to perfection. Moreover, Tom understood us as individuals, and treated us as such. From the outset, we felt like ours was the most important wedding that he had ever planned, and that we were the 2 most important people in his life. Apparently, the company never holds more than 1 wedding simultaneously (unlike wedding planners in the Greek Islands, which apparently can make it feel a little like a conveyor belt wedding). This means that for the duration of your stay, you have your wedding planner’s undivided attention. We had 53 guests attend our wedding, and every single one of them commented on how excellent the wedding planners were.

We were very specific in our requirements for the wedding day, and since the majority of our correspondence was through email, it meant we were able to provide Tom with pictures detailing our precise needs for the ceremony (at Papa Nero Beach) and reception (at a restaurant called Orea Ammoundia). In our minds eye, my wife and I dared to dream about what our perfect wedding would look like, never truly believing it would happen.


Imagine the moment before you wake up, when you’re not quite sure whether you’re dreaming or whether you’re awake. You think you’re awake because you can see and hear people talking around you and to you, and you can feel the heat of the sun, smell the sea salt and hear the crunch of the sand beneath your shoes; but you can’t really be awake because the scene in front of you is just too perfect!! Or can you...

Mamma Mia Weddings didn’t just deliver our dream wedding, they went well beyond what we even thought was possible!! In my opinion, they have set the benchmark so high that other companies that (claim to) provide a similar wedding planning service abroad will simply never come close.


We visited the area in May 2011 so that we could see for ourselves where our special day would take place. If we weren’t sufficiently wowed by the pictures on the internet, then we certainly were when we arrived!! It is almost like God has taken a little piece of Heaven and has hidden it away on the east coast of Greece. It is the single most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life. The breath-taking scenery, the stunning natural beauty, the vivid range of colours, and the contrast between the magnificent lush greens of the mountains on one side, and the glistening shades of the blue Aegean waters on the other. It was pure, simple perfection, and left us in no doubt that we had chosen the right place to get married.

When we were in Agios Ioannis this year, we felt like celebrities!! Everyone knew that we were the couple who were getting married, and people were stopping us on the streets to give us their best wishes. We were even presented with gifts from some of the restaurant owners!! The locals are some of the friendliest people ever, and truly couldn’t do enough for us. We experienced the real Greece, with real Greek hospitality, real Greek cuisine, and real Greek fun!!


As I mentioned above, there were 53 guests at our wedding, the majority of whom stayed at the family-run Boutique Hotel Kentrikon. The hospitality we received from all of the staff at the hotel was simply faultless, and all of our guests were made to feel like they were part of the family. For a more detailed review of the hotel (including pictures), please check out the reviews on TripAdvisor, or the hotel’s website -http://www.bungalows-kentrikon.com/en .

Overall, if you are planning on getting married abroad, you need look no further than Mamma Mia weddings. If you have any doubts, just ask yourself these simple questions:

* Do I want to get married somewhere absolutely stunning, with the most amazing natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes?

* Do I want a truly personalized experience, where the wedding planner will treat us as individuals, and will plan a custom made wedding that is tailored specifically to our needs?

* Do I want a wedding that all of our family and friends will be talking about for years to come?

* Do I want a wedding that we can look back on happily, with special memories that we can cherish and treasure for the rest of our life?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then I think you may just have found the perfect wedding planner for your perfect day!!


* DO visit the area if you have the chance, before the wedding. I have no doubt that you will instantly fall in love with the area, and any doubts you may have about getting married in Pelion will be quashed before you even reach your hotel!!

* DO trust Tom to do the best for you. Believe me when I say that this is a guy with the most amazing ideas, who is surrounded by the most amazing local people, who will ensure that you have the most amazing wedding.

* DO book your wedding with Mamma Mia weddings!!

* DON’T think that some things are too good to be true. Mamma Mia weddings delivered our dream wedding. Let them deliver your dream too :o)

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Phoebe and Davey Wright - Bride and Groom

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Mamma Mia Weddings, Pelion, Greece

21 November 2011, 18:00

My husband and I recently got back from our dream wedding with Mamma Mia Weddings. We got married on the 14th of September 2011 in the beautiful village of Damouchari and absolutely loved it!

We found out about the company on this forum above and decided to check it out. We really wanted to get married abroad but really did NOT want an all inclusive conveyor belt wedding that these big hotels offer. We wanted a small intimate, romantic and personal wedding and we decided to give Mama Mia Weddings a shot.

After exchanging some emails with TOM (the amazing wedding/holiday planner) my parents went out to visit the location (as me and my husband were busy with work) and they came back with awesome reviews of both the hotel, wedding location, and of course Tom and the team that were going to plan it. We booked the wedding and holiday just 6 weeks in advance and felt fully confident with Tom as the communication between us was brilliant.

He wanted me to send him everything from decoration idea's to flowers, from colour scheme to favours for the guests. Tom really hit the head on the nail with all the personal details. When we were communicating the several weeks prior to the wedding Tom really embraced any ideas that I had and always offered great ways of innovating these ideas so that they fit into the setting very well. Tom did an amazing job at making and organizing all of the wedding decorations and bits and bobs that make each wedding so personal and original. I strongly recommend taking Tom's advice on anything in this field.

The wedding itself was absolutely brilliant!! My husband and I had not visited the wedding beach ourselves before the wedding actually took place. We truly entrusted Tom to organize everything that was going on, on the beach that day and he definatly exceeded our expectations. Our wedding day was super relaxed and enjoyable we started the day off on the beach just going about our normal day and in the early afternoon went back to the hotel to begin getting ready (Tom suggested to have the wedding later in the day so it is cooler, which turned out to be a very good idea as it was really hot) When I was ready everyone left by bus to the little village of Damouchri where we would be getting married. Me, my dad (who were in my room) my husband and his best man stayed behind as we would be getting boats to the village. My husband and the best man got on a boat first and headed to the beach, and soon after they had arrived on the beach then my dad and I left on another boat. As we turned the corner and I could see the whole setting of the village and beach filled with my family and friends and how perfect everything was. Once again everything on the beach was amazing Tom and his team had made a little dock for the boats to arrive and had made a cute wooden walkway in the sand with an archway into the wedding area, it was perfect!!

We went through the wedding ceremony and Tom had organized to have drinks and food in one of the restaurants overlooking the beach and the cove that we were in. It put a very nice finish on the ceremony and a bit of a preparation for the reception. We had all gone to Papa Nero beach via bus to arrive at the reception. I was truly amazed at the set up Tom had arranged for us he had all the cool tid bits for us and the guests to enjoy all in the setting of a true authentic Greek restaurant that was on the beach.The food was extraordinary, the DJ played great music and the whole night was amazing!!!! We cut the cake that night but did not eat it as everyone was too full and probably had a few to many drinks to enjoy it, but soon after we cut the cake Tom had place it in the fridge and stored it for us to enjoy the next evening sitting in the sky lounge of the Kentrikon Boutique Hotel where we stayed.

Overall we could have definatly not asked for a better wedding. Any fear that we had about the wedding was thrown out the window and we were swept back time after time of how good amazing everything was. The flow of the whole day was on our minds prior to the wedding. We always hear about people not even remembering there wedding because it went by so quick, and we have been to weddings when there are moments where nothing is happening and you could see the guests are getting restless. The flow of our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Our guests and us never felt bored or more that ready to move onto the next stage of the wedding day we all enjoyed what was happening at the time it was happening. The time management on Tom's part for the day was amazing!!

Were sure you can realize that we had an amazing wedding by now, and to sum everything up! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAMA MIA WEDDINGS If you want a stress free, romantic, original wedding organized by someone who truly loves what they do then I would definatly look no further and contact Mama Mia Weddings and talk to owner/wedding planner Tom Gray.

Just a quick bonus review about the holiday as a whole too! The holiday was very well organized Tom had found us hotels that were just truly amazing especially for a wedding party. We had our wedding party split between 3 very nice hotels that were all right next to one another and they were in a great location. The Kentrikon Boutique Hotel was one of the hotels of which we and our guests were staying in. Everything about the hotel was amazing the breakfast the staff were lovely and always very helpful and welcoming. The Kentrikon had a very large, very elegant outside patio that could accommodate our whole wedding party and definatly more and it was a perfect place to meet and get drinks and to lounge out in the evenings. Tom showed us to a lot of great restaurants, bars, lounges that always managed to suit the needs of our group of 28. During the days he wanted to always make sure our guests were okay and enjoying themselves and he was super knowledgeable of the area to point us in the right direction for private beaches and little coves and great seascape views!!

The whole week everyone was there Tom performed very well always on top of any requests and always ensuring that our guests were comfortable he gave great advice and showed us some very cool places that we would not have found on our own!!

We hope our review helps you make a decision on your wedding.

Thanks, Phoebe & Davey Wright

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Robert Hathaway - Father of the Bride

Mamma Mia Weddings, Pelion, Greece

02 October 2011, 15:18

Fantastic Wedding on the beach at Damouchri and great holiday for friends and family.

Not long returned from an amazing beach wedding on Sept 14 2011 organised by Tom Gray of Mama Mia Weddings, Pelion. The location at Damouchri was stunning and Tom ensured that the layout, decoration and blessing ceremony were just right for the wedding of Phoebe my daughter from Wales and Davey, her Canadian husband. Damouchri was made famous by the scene from Mama Mia were Meryl Streep runs down the road followed by her Greek ladies from the Blue House. They then jump in the water from a pantoon!

The bay was just right for a small wedding party of 26 and the bridegroom and best man arrived by boat, followed by the bride and me the proud father of the bride in a speed boat - tastefully decorated with flowers and fabric. Tom Gray and Mama Mia even erected a new small jetty to make the entrance safe and attractive. After the short service which was in the cool of the late afternoon and in a shaded location - the wedding party enjoyed light refreshments at a taverna right on the bay front and overlooking the wedding venue. Transport to and from the hotel for the guests was excellent and the company even laid on an additional car to help older guests arrive as close to the location as possible.

The wedding reception and party at Papa Nero later that night was unforgettable. The decorations, seating and layout complemented the beach side setting. Tom has an really good eye for detail and had understood our requirements and theme superbly. We brought some hand made decorations from the UK - and there was no problem with this and the restaurant were so very helpful and supportive. The food and service accompanied by a great DJ made the night celebrations a brilliant time.

The whole wedding and holiday experience exceeded our expectations, Tom and Demetrius were so very helpful ( and patient!) as a wedding co-ordinator. He organised the transfers efficiently, sorted our stay in the amazing Kentrikon, by far and away the best hotel in Agios Ioannis with some guests in the adjoining Galini which is good and others in the Aegean apartments

The village of Agios Ioannis is picturesque with very good beaches. The food is amazing and the people welcoming. There are very few Brits which makes it a much better Greek holiday experience. There is no cash machine but lots of places take cards. The hotels and restaurants are generally small and friendly and not overun with chains, multiples or large hotels. Nearly everything is family run.

I would whole heartedly recommend Mama Mia Weddings and if you want any testimonial or advice from me drop me a line. The package I felt was reasonable and offered good value for money. I would try and fly to Volos rather than Thessolonika ( which is about 4 hrs away); its very hot in July/August and very busy in August so if it has to be the summer I would go for June or early Sept. I wont go later than mid Sept as weather can change significantly as it did after we left on Sept 19. Also lots of places close down mid Sept.

So special thanks to Tom and to Demetrius and his great family at the Kentrikon Hotel and Les Herondelles. Thanks for making Phoebe and Davey's wedding so special .

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Carl Thomas - Groom

 Mamma Mia Weddings, Pelion, Greece 

31 May 2011, 10:17



Just thought we'd share with you our experiences of the above website.

My fiancee and I are getting married in Agios Ioannis, Pelion, Greece, in July 2012. We came across the above website in January this year, and after exchanging a couple of emails with the wedding planner, and checking out photos both on the website and on Google Earth, we decided to use this website to plan our wedding.

We decided to visit the area in May, and I have to say the pictures on the websites do not do the area justice. Never have I seen such breath-taking natural beauty in all my life!! There are no words to describe the views as you travel from the airport to the resort, and the village of Agios Ioannis itself - it has to be seen to be believed!!

The wedding planner, Tom, was absolutely fantastic. He came to collect us from the Airport, and had created some portfolios with wedding ideas for us to look at on the journey to the Hotel. After checking in at the Hotel, we sat down with Tom to discuss the itinerary for the week, and to discuss some of the broader details of our wedding needs.

During the week, we were taken on a boat-trip to see the area and the possible beach wedding venues (which was brilliant), we visited the reception venue (where we could discuss the possible layout of the reception and try the food), and we discussed everything from the larger requirements down to the smallest of finishing touches.

Tom is a fantastic wedding planner, with an abundance of ideas!! It was great that he 'got' what we wanted, and knew exactly where we were coming from with all of our requests and requirements. He couldn't do enough to make sure that our stay was as comfortable and as memorable as possible.

If anyone is hesitating after finding this website, then my honest advice to you would be to go out there and see for yourself!! The area is gorgeous, the people are amazing, and the hotel is phenomenal (see my review of the Boutique Hotel Kentrikon).

Further, you will get a tailored, personal, and professional service from Tom and Dimitris, who will ensure that your wedding day is beyond your wildest dreams.

To date, the whole experience has exceeded our expectations, and I know they will exceed yours too.

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