Will our marriage be recognised within the U.K.?

Yes, your wedding will be completely recognised and legal within the U.K.

Will full marriage certificates be provided?

All necessary and required paperwork will be provided to you

How soon would we need to book?

This entirely depends on the extent of services required. Although we can provide a most beautiful occasion within 4 weeks notice we strongly recommend at least 3 months in order to ensure that every aspect is perfect. This also allows time for one on one consultations within the U.K.

What documents and legal requirements will we need?

There are certain documents required to ensure that your wedding is recognised. These include certificates of No Impediment, together with the birth certificates (full), any name changes documents or decree absolutes.

What name does the bride-to-be give on booking flights?

As the brides passport will remain in her maiden name on both flights this will be the name given on booking for both journeys.

Who will conduct our wedding ceremony?

A reverend, priest or minister will perform the ceremony. You will have the chance to run through the ceremony including music you wish to be played, poems to be read or passages of the bible read.

Questions and Answers

Can specific dates and times be requested for the service?

This will be determined to a certain extent on travel arrangements, other bookings, the venue and minister. All requests are considered and it is highly unlikely that any request will be immediately turned down.

Can separate rooms be provided the night before the ceremony?

Separate rooms are available for the bride and groom if required, for the night prior to your wedding.

How do we transport any wedding attire?

When booking with us we can discuss additional luggage requirements. Some airlines can be more flexible with luggage allowance for wedding couples upon prior requests, which we will deal with.

Can any attire be pressed and stored once we arrive?

Any attire will be securely stored and pressed for you at your destination.

Do we need to organise witnesses to attend the ceremony?

If you wish for your own witnesses to attend you will need two present at the ceremony. If you are unable to arrange your own witnesses our wedding co-ordinators will be honoured to act as your witnesses

Do we need a specific wedding insurance when travelling?

We suggest that this is taken out before you travel. Details can be arranged with ourselves prior to travelling.